Dinja Waħda Awards 2014 – 2015

Our school has once again been presented the Dinja Waħda Gold Award, thus continuing what has now becoming a long standing tradition and securing the Blue Flag award for at least another year.

This award confirms our commitment to the environment and a greener way of life. Well done to all students and members of staff involved! Let’s keep up the excellent work,  in order to protect our environment!

Helen O’Grady Programme at Zabbar B

Tell me and I will forget … show me and I may remember … involve me and I will remember”.


The internationally acclaimed Helen O’Grady Academy which will be running an after school programme at Zabbar Primary B as of October 2015.

The Academy provides students with a unique drama-based developmental programme designed to promote on-going confidence and encourage clear speech and creative talents in a safe and holistic environment.

The weekly programme runs for one hour and covers speech, movement, drama and language development. The programme also offers a great opportunity to learn English through understanding and usage without any academic pressure because, above all, lessons are GREAT FUN.

There are no end-of-term examinations, because children have enough academic pressure as it is. Because our programme does not involve examinations, there can be no failures – only amotivating sense of ACHIEVEMENT.

Having FUN remains key to the Academy’s success because we believe that “a lesson learned through fun … is never forgotten”.

More information is available on www.helenogradymalta.com.

Alternatively, call 21465928 or 79647239. 

Welcome to the New Scholastic Year

Dear Students

The beginning of a new scholastic year is always exciting. It is the time to look ahead with high hopes and make BIG plans. You promise that this year it will be different. You will make no more excuses, you will try your very best, you will work harder, do all your work, always turn in homework on time… along with all the many other things grown ups expect from you…

But hey! Wait a minute! The list is too long! And besides, you have more than enough time, don’t you?

The enthusiasm of a new beginning soon wears off and it is really easy to forget about your BIG plans. Before you realise, the new school year will be over and you will be closing another chapter in your life. Yes, we ask many things of you but that is because we believe you can do it and we will be there to support you all the way.

So this year, promise yourself you will not lose sight of your BIG plans. Of course you will make mistakes on the way, we all do! Of course it will seem impossible at times. But remember, success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day after day. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still way ahead of anyone who is not trying.

We have also made some BIG plans for this new scholastic year. We hope it will be a fantastic one to remember.

I wish you all a fantastic year at school.

Charlot Cassar
Head of School