14 School Days till Christmas

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama

There are 14 school days left till we break up for the Christmas holidays and this year we decided to make each day count. Here’s what we will be up to, but we are keeping some secrets…

1 December – Say something positive to everyone you meet today.

4 December – Let’s think of our 4-legged friends. Bring some food for animals in shelters.

5 December – Learn to sing a Christmas Carol. Together!

6 December – Learn about a Christmas tradition from a different country.

7 December – Crazy Christmas. Wear something Christmassy and funky!

11 December – Learn how to say Merry Christmas in 5 foreign languages.

12 December – #NOIandiamoOLTRE. A message of hope…

14 December – Let’s wish the school neighbours a Happy Christmas…

15 December – Find ways to make people smile today.

16 December – Try the art of positive gossiping.

19 December – Write a wish for someone…

20 December – Bring some food for the poor…

21 December – Christmas Film Day

22 December – Give a few hugs!

Students will be getting more details as we go along.

Ho, ho, ho!

World Food Day 2017

Today marked World Food Day and the first of a series of special assemblies at school. These special assemblies are meant to hit two birds with one stone – to provide more space for students during assemblies and marking special days.  Special days are used to commemorate and promote issues of international interest and concern and to mobilise people for action across the world.

World Food Day is observed in some 150 countries around the world and aims to raise awareness about world poverty and hunger. The students in Mr Inguanez’s class (Year 6.5 Lions) went to great lengths to prepare a special assembly that got the whole school actively involved.

Preparations started weeks ago. All students were asked to answer an online questionnaire about the theme. Today’s assembly started with a report about the results of the questionnaire. Most of the students reported that they had never heard of World Food Day. Most thought that this day is celebrated to encourage people to eat healthily. Most students are also aware that many children die of hunger every day but when asked what “Zero Hunger” means, most thought that this was about discussing how we can help people who do not have enough food. While talking about the issue is important, simply talking about it is not enough to feed people who are hungry. In fact “Zero Hunger” means eliminating world hunger altogether.

Next, students were invited to imagine that the world’s population was that of our school. The children were then divided in continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australia. Proportionally,  this translates to:

  • 14 classes representing Asia
  • 4 classes representing Africa
  • 2.5 classes representing Europe
  • 2 classes representing South America
  • 1.5 classes representing North America
  • 1 student representing Australia

The children were then presented with 100 sweets, representing food in the world. The sweets were divided among the children according to the food distribution in the world. The people in Asia got 8 sweets, Africa got just 1. Europe got 22 sweets, South America got 8, North America 41 and Australia 20!

This clearly showed that the problem is not lack of food but an unfair distribution of food in the world. To make things even worse, we do not choose which country we are born in, and therefore whether we will have food or not.

It did not take much for the children to realise that one concrete way in which they can help is by not wasting any food. Hopefully, the message was loud and clear!

D. E. A. R.

D. E. A. R. sessions (that’s Drop Everything And Read) are back! Today’s weather provided the perfect setting against which to get lost in a nice book, just for the joy of it! 15 minutes of blissful silence while everyone was engrossed in a book.

European School Sport Day

On Friday 29 September our school joined thousands of other school from across Europe and participated in the European School Sport Day. The European School Sport Day aims to celebrate sports and a healthy lifestyle. The entire school was involved, with 120 minutes of organised fun races. Well done to all involved and a special thanks to our PE teacher, Mr Kyle Cesare for organising the event.

Another Scholastic Year

Dear Students

And so starts another scholastic year, another adventure full of hope and promises. How do you feel right now? Happy? Excited? Scared? Unsure of what the future will bring?

No one can predict the future but the future will very much depend on the choices you make right now. Where do you want to be at the end of the year? Where do you want to be in five years’ time? In ten years? Twenty? Realise that no matter what, you always have a choice. You are responsible for the way you behave. You decide what to make of a situation. Of course you can blame others – you can blame the school, the the teacher, your friends, your classmates, your parents. And sometimes you may be right. Sometimes, the choices that other people make affect you in a negative way. But even then, you have a choice. You can choose to let the experience control you or you can choose to learn from the bad experience and use it to become a better person.

You will of course make choices you will regret and that is not the end of the world. When that happens, remember that you’re human and not perfect. We all make mistakes. It is what we do with our mistakes that makes the difference. Remember, some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness and that is the way it is.

Remember to laugh often, cry when you need to, have fun, be inspired and make a positive difference. Above all, pay attention. Pay attention to your parents, teachers and friends. Pay attention to detail. Did you spot the deliberate mistake in this message? Make connections. Pay attention to your feelings and to how you make others feel. Aim to be the best you can be.

Have a great year, and enjoy the ride.

Charlot Cassar
Head of School

St Margaret College