World Happiness Day 2017

On Monday 20 March, we celebrated World Happiness Day. This special day was founded by the United Nations in 2012 and since then, thousands of happiness initiatives all over the world have emerged to celebrate and promote its values.

There are over 7,300,000,000 people on this planet. Each one of us has the right to happiness but not everyone knows what happiness is. The Day of Happiness aims to address the challenges faced by humankind in the ultimate quest to achieve happiness for all. Happiness is a fundamental human right, and happiness for all is a fundamental human goal.

So this year, we decided to join in the fun, celebrate happiness and tell everyone about it. And what a special day it was. You could feel the happiness in the air! Children came to school dressed in bright coloured tops, and for the first time in years, we took a whole school photo – that’s over 500 of us!

Teachers held special activities in class with the ultimate aim of spreading cheer and happiness all around – from discussions to random acts of kindness that brightened up everyone’s day!

Let’s make every day a happy day till the next International Day of Happiness in 2018!

Eżerċizzi b’Differenza

Din is-sena l-istudenti ta’ Żabbar B kellhom ix-xorti jisimgħu priedki addattati għat-tfal fi żmien ir-Randan.

Fr Brian mhux talli irnexxielu jinżel għal-livell tagħhom, imma wkoll ħalla lit-tfal bi tbissima kbira fuq wiċċhom meta rawh liebes ta’ buffu. Flimkien ma’ Glenn Mercieca ħoloq sitwazzjoni komuni li jsibu ruħhom fiha t-tfal id-dar u minnha ħareġ it-tagħlima. Shania qaltilna li tgħallmet kemm hu importanti li tgħin lill-mummy u li tistudja. Luke qalilna li jippreferi l-eżerċizzi ta’ din is-sena, għax daħaq ħafna u tgħallem talba ġdida.

Araw ftit il-video t’hawn taħt! 

Commonwealth Day

Yesterday, 13 March,  we celebrated Commonwealth Day! Commonwealth Day is celebrated yearly on the second Monday in March across the 52 countries that make up the Commonwealth. The theme for this year was ‘A Peace-building Commonwealth’, celebrating democracy and human rights.

Our school participated in the ‘Malta Messengers for Peace’ initiative. Our students shared their messages for peace on dove-shaped papers across the school.

For more information about the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Day celebrations, you can click herehere and here!