Oħloq Tbissima

Bħala parti mill-attivitajiet marbuta mal-Għid qed nistiednu lit-tfal jgħinu fl-inizjattiva Oħloq Tbissima. Kull klassi għandha kaxxa u qegħdin nitolbu l-għajnuna tagħkom biex nimlewha bl-ikel.

F’kull kaxxa rridu npoġġu

  • Pakkett Zokkor
  • Pakkett Ross
  • Bott Ħalib
  • Landa Tonn taż-Żejt
  • Landa Corned Beef
  • Dadi tat-Tiġieġa
  • Soppa tal-Pakkett
  • Fażola u Għazz Niexef (tal-Pakkett)
  • Bott Zalzett
  • Ħelu/Wafers/Gallettini

Importanti li l-expiry date tkun wara Ottubru 2018.

Dawn il-kaxxi imbagħad ser jintbagħtu l-Peru’, biex tassew noħolqu tbissima fuq wiċċ familji fil-bżonn.



It’s that time of year again! As I write this, the school is buzzing with activity, with children having fun, making memories that they will hopefully cherish in years to come. There has been so much going on these past days… critical lessons about what to do if Santa gets stuck in the chimney, recycling plastic to create some stunning decorations, getting involved in the wider community, wishing the neighbours a merry Christmas (and thanking them for their patience), learning to sing Christmas carols, finding out about about Christmas traditions in different countries… and all sorts of other fun (and educational) activities.

It has been a hectic term, full of challenges, opportunities and rewards. A special thank you goes to all those who help us make the school what it is – the assistant heads, teachers, learning support assistants, the school secretary and clerk, our support staff, parents and carers and of course the children. Enjoy this special time of year. May the true spirit of Christmas, whatever that means to you, be with you, now and all year round.

Charlot Cassar
Head of School

Il-Kunsill tal-Istudenti 2017 – 2018

Wara l-lezzjonijiet tal-PSCD dwar id-demokrazija, sirna nafu x’tinvolvi elezzjoni f’pajjiż demokratiku fejn l-għalliema spjegawlna l-proċess kollu ta’ kif tieħu l-aħjar deċiżjonijiet meta tiġi biex tivvota. Imbagħad wasal iż-żmien biex jintagħżlu żewġ kandidati minn kull klassi biex jieħdu sehem fl-elezzjoni għall-Kunsill tal-Istudenti. Wara li ntagħżlu dawn il-kandidati, ġew preparati l-karti tal-vot bl-ismijiet tal-kandidati fuqhom u b’hekk setgħet issir l-elezzjoni ġenerali mal-iskola kollha. L-għażla kienet f’idejn it-tfal tal-iskola fejn kellhom id-dritt jagħżlu huma l-membri tal-Kunsill tal-Istudenti. Dawn huma l-membri l-ġodda tal-Kunsill tal-Istudenti fejn flimkien mal-għalliema tal-PSCD niltaqgħu biex niddiskutu u nagħtu suġġerimenti għall-ġid tal-iskola.

Year 3

  • Diyan Agius
  • Soyer Camenzuli
  • Salaya Cassar
  • Sara Schembri

Year 4

  • Jael Cachia
  • Zayon Debono
  • Luca Zerafa

Year 5

  • Hayley Agius
  • Jake Domenici
  • Shastille Pullicino
  • Mcanzie Spiteri

Year 6

  • Elise Caligari
  • Cheyenne Vella

Waste Reduction Week 2017

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction activities held all over Europe during the last week of November 2017, the PSCD, Art, Music and PE teachers at Zabbar Primary B organised a week-long event with the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils promoting waste reduction and eco-friendly measures for a better world.

As a run up to the event, the pupils were asked to bring along recycled material to be used during the Art, PE and Music lessons. For the Arts lessons, each Year Group was assigned various recyclable material to work with on different topics such as creating villages with used boxes, creating super heroes out of empty cardboard tubes, making birdhouses with clean milk cartons and coming up with a painting on old newspaper collage. These projects were finalised during workshops with joined classes at the week-long activity.

With regards to Music, the children were asked to bring along empty plastic bottles which were decorated and filled with rice to be used as shakers. Another year group worked on rhythm using rhythm sticks out of wooden broomsticks. The younger group provided plastic spoons along with a small empty container which they filled with rice and assembled into a pair of maracas. All pupils learnt a song playing along their recycled instruments according to given rhythms in class. These sessions led to the music workshops during which they performed short slogans promoting recycling to given tunes and rhythms.

As part of the PE sessions, the pupils participated in a Treasure Hunt around the School premises where they had to look for recycled material following clues. The objects they looked for were plastic bottles, cereal boxes, yogurt cups, milk cartons and empty kitchen rolls. When each group found all the items, they discussed different ways to reuse or recycle the objects found.

Each year group gathered in the school hall for a PSCD presentation summarising what happened during the past days. The children were informed about the European initiative for Waste Reduction, this year focusing on the theme: Reuse and Repair – Give it a New Life. They were also given information and practical ways on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle through the European campaign promotional material. Finally, the children could witness their participation thanks to the photos and videos taken during the past days.

At the end of the week-long event, the students could enjoy their own work being reused and set up in an Exhibition in one of the school corridors. During the following morning Assembly, the Whole School performed the song learnt using the Kodály method to celebrate their effort in promoting a Sustainable Environment.

A special thank you goes to the peripatetic team at school for this fantastic experience – Ms Sherryanne Gauci (Art), Ms Sherlene Caruana Dolce (Music), Mr Kyle Cesare (PE), Ms Charmaine Cassar and  Ms Leonora Azzopardi (PSCD).

14 School Days till Christmas

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
Dalai Lama

There are 14 school days left till we break up for the Christmas holidays and this year we decided to make each day count. Here’s what we will be up to, but we are keeping some secrets…

1 December – Say something positive to everyone you meet today.

4 December – Let’s think of our 4-legged friends. Bring some food for animals in shelters.

5 December – Learn to sing a Christmas Carol. Together!

6 December – Learn about a Christmas tradition from a different country.

7 December – Crazy Christmas. Wear something Christmassy and funky!

11 December – Learn how to say Merry Christmas in 5 foreign languages.

12 December – #NOIandiamoOLTRE. A message of hope…

14 December – Let’s wish the school neighbours a Happy Christmas…

15 December – Find ways to make people smile today.

18 December – Try the art of positive gossiping.

19 December – Write a wish for someone…

20 December – Bring some food for the poor…

21 December – Christmas Film Day

22 December – Give a few hugs!

Students will be getting more details as we go along.

Ho, ho, ho!

St Margaret College