Fulfilling our Vision

Our school is again buzzing with activity. The pandemic may have stalled some of our plans but it has not stopped us from stepping out of our comfort zone as we strive to fulfil our school’s vision.

Our vision is to make our school a hub of professional excellence and innovative practices in education. We keep pushing the boundaries, supporting our professional community, from student teachers to senior management team leaders, to engage in continued professional development and innovative practices that ultimately translate into an enhanced teaching and learning experience for our students. Most importantly, in so doing, we model life-long learning, walking the talk, and doing what we preach.

So, what has been going on?

To start with, kudos to all the members of staff who graduated over the past weeks – from diplomas to post-graduate degrees! The school is behind you all the way! We celebrate your achievement because as a community we can only gain from our shared expertise. To all those furthering their studies, or considering a new programme of studies – you can do it and we will do our utmost to support you.

The end of November also marked the completion of two of our Erasmus+ projects. Delayed because of the pandemic, Broadening Perspectives supported the mobility of 12 members of staff, who followed courses abroad throughout the summer months. The project targeted diversity and inclusion – because diversity is an opportunity to be celebrated. We are also an Erasmus+ accredited school. In practice, this means that over the next years, our members of staff will continue benefiting from professional development courses abroad.

November also marked the official end of our flagship Erasmus+ project Freedom to Learn. Together with our Italian and Polish partners, this project exceeded all our expectations. The project was described as “an eye-opener of how educators and learners can create a teaching and learning environment which is flexible with little demarcations of who is the teacher and who is the learner” as teachers and students had fun learning together. We are now working on the final report for the project while very much looking forward to Freedom to Learn 2. This second project in cooperation with our partner schools in Italy, Greece, Poland and Serbia, celebrates the achievements of the first project with a focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, DigiComp 2.1 and DigiCompEdu. The first kick-off meeting for Freedom to Learn 2 was held in Warsaw a few weeks ago. Over the next months, the teachers involved in the project will be working directly with students before a second meeting Italy in 2022. Watch this space for more.

Earlier this week, we also hosted a group of youth workers, local councillors and NGOs from Malta, Italy and Lithuania as part of another Erasmus+ project called Ethnovibes. Organised by Mtarfa Local Council, participants had the opportunity to visit our school (after hours due to Covid) and to experience first hand same of our innovative practices. This was yet another opportunity to promote our work and explore new possibilities.

Covid permitting, we are also very much looking forward to welcome foreign colleagues for job-shadowing stints in our school, as our school continues to be recognised for its work and commitment towards a quality education.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash