Bauble balls hang on Christmas

14 School Days till Christmas 2023

In what has now become a tradition, during December we will be doing something special every school day. There are 14 school days before we break up for the Christmas holidays. Let’s make them special, but really special. Will you take up the challenge?

These activities will take place at school, but if parents want to have some fun (and spend quality time with their children) at home too, why not?

1 December – Make a Christmas Card for anyone who needs some Christmas cheer!

4 December – Learn about Maltese Christmas Traditions

5 December – Bring Food for the Needy

6 December – Play Christmas Charades (or any other Christmas Song)

7 December – Make a Christmas Tree ornament

11 December – Christmas Karaoke

12 December – Christmas Word Search

14 December – Write a Thank You Letter

15 December – Christmas Crazy Hair Day

18 December – Christmas Quiz

19 December – Learn a Traditional Maltese Christmas Carol

20 December – Christmas Curiosities from around the World

21 December – Christmas Story Day

22 December – Christmas Film Day/Casual Day