Summer Challenge 2021

It has been quite a year and everyone is looking forward to a well deserved break. But let’s be honest, the excitement of being on holiday soon wears off and children will quickly start complaining that they have nothing to do and that they are bored.

So, once again, we are proposing a Summer Challenge for all of our students with some interesting and challenging tasks that will help the children develop further. We are sorry to disappoint some parents – these tasks are not more of the same stuff that children have done at school throughout the year. In many ways, they are much more important.

As parents, we encourage you to take an active role in this Summer Challenge and support the children to accomplish the tasks. In some cases the children will need some help and guidance, but the whole point of the challenge is that the children engage in these activities and become accountable for their own learning. Please keep safety in mind at all mines and adhere to any COVID-19 related regulations when completing the tasks. 

Here’s how it is going to work…

Download the “Summer Activity Challenge 2021“. The children will need a scrap book in which they will document their adventures. The scrap book will serve as a diary and proof that the children have actually completed the task. Co-incidentally, it will also make for a beautiful keepsake which you and the children can cherish in the future. There are numerous educational benefits to scrap booking check out 2 interesting websites here and here.

It is up to the children how to decorate and present the tasks they complete in the scrap book. There are plenty of ideas online, particularly on Youtube. The important thing is that for ever task that is accomplished, they document this in the scrap book. They can stick photos, drawings, decorations, tickets, leaflets or they can write and draw directly in the scrap book. Here is one video that gives you an idea about scrap booking. Remember, it doesn’t need to be anything elaborate but of course make it worthwhile.

Have the children start by decorating the scrap book cover, not forgetting to include their name. Then stick the “Summer Activity Challenge Sheet” in the scrap book for easy reference.

As the children complete a task, they should “talk” about it in their scrap book, then cross it out from the sheet to indicate that it has been completed.

The Challenge

We are challenging the children to complete a different number of tasks depending on the year group as follows:

  • Children starting Year 3 in September 2021 – 10 tasks
  • Children starting Year 4 in September 2021 – 10 tasks
  • Children starting Year 5 in September 2021 – 15 tasks
  • Children starting Year 6 in September 2021 – 20 tasks

In Summary

  1. Get a scrap book (or file or anything that will work for you).
  2. Decorate the cover.
  3. Stick the “Summer Tasks Sheet” inside. You can download the sheet here – Summer Activity Challenge 2021.
  4. Choose a task and complete it.
  5. Add evidence about the activity in your scrap book.
  6. Cross out the task that has been completed.
  7. Complete the number of tasks required.
  8. Make it look good!

In September 2021, children are to hand in the scrap book to their teachers. Children who will have completed the challenge will receive a certificate and those children who manage to complete all activities will receive a special reward!

The Tasks

Here is the list of activities with links and suggestions.

  1. Build a sand castle! Make a plan in your scrap book. How big is it going to be? Do you have all the material you will need? Take pictures of the different stages.
  2. Cook something for the whole family. (Yes they can!) Look at these websites for some mouthwatering ideas – Kids Cooking20 Dinner Ideas Kids Can Cook9 Recipes Kids Can Makes.
  3. Do something kind for someone. What will make someone happy? It could be the smallest of things… A phone call, a smile… How did they feel? How did you feel?
  4. Make an origami model. Origami is the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Check this website for some cool models.
  5. Visit a museum. Using your Heritage Malta card to visit a museum. Keep the ticket. Write about your experience.
  6. Visit an exhibition. Check out what’s on. Find out about the artist. What do you like about his or her work? Entrance to exhibitions is usually free. Check  out St James Centre for Creativity, Heritage Malta but keep your eyes open for other exhibitions!
  7. Make a sock puppet and put up your own puppet show. Here are loads of ideas.
  8. Help wash the car. If you don’t have a car, help someone in your family!
  9. Learn how to tie 3 different knots here.
  10. Ask your grandparents about their childhood. Write about it. Do they have any pictures?
  11. Help clean the house. Dust, wash the floors…
  12. Read a book. Who wrote it? What is it about? Tell the story in your own words. Draw a picture about it.
  13. Eat something you have never eaten before. Yuck!!! But… have you ever tried it? No? Maybe it is time you do!
  14. Create your own comic. You can do it on paper, or you can do it online. Here are some comic pages which you can print or create you comic online here or here.
  15. Learn 10 words in a new language. Use Google Translate or try this website.
  16. Make a card and mail it to someone you care about. Here are loads of ideas.
  17. Conduct a science experiment. Need ideas? Go here, here or here!
  18. Learn about a new country. Check this website!
  19. Learn about the SDGs. Check out this booklet. Watch this video. What can you do to help make the SDGs a reality for all? 
  20. Play a new board game. Chess? Droughts? Chinese Checkers? Monopoly? Check out the full list on Wikipedia. Which one will you learn?
  21. Read a poem. Here are some of the world’s most loved classic children’s poems. Or you may want to read a poem by famous poets here.
  22. Give away a toy you have outgrown. Yes, you are growing up! This is all about making choices. If you are no longer using a toy, perhaps you may give it to someone who will enjoy it as much as you did when you were younger.
  23. Listen to some classical music for 10 minutes. You can find some of the best here. Which one do you like best?
  24. Create a paper collage. Here is an idea!
  25. Learn how to make a paper boat. Here is how you do it! Decorate it! Sail it!
  26. Find out 5 weird but true facts. Check these videos by National Geographic here.
  27. Read a legend from a far off place here or here
  28. Look up at the sky late at night! Can you spot any constellation? Use this map to help you and read more about the summer night sky here.
  29. Learn about 5 endangered animals. Unfortunately there are more than 5 animals that risk becoming extinct! Extinct? What does that mean? Find out here.
  30. Paint a rock. Find a nice rock from the beach. Paint it. Here are some cool ideas. Leave it for someone to find with a nice message. 

Have fun but remember, scrap book about it!

See you in September 2021!

St Margaret College