Tasks for Year 6

Please click on the links below for the tasks that Year 6 students can work on week by week, particularly in view of the benchmark examinations in May 2020. . We appreciate that it is not easy, especially if parents are also working from home. We are aiming to provide a structure and strike a balance, keeping in mind that the current situation is impacting everyone. Parents should of course monitor what the children are doing but children in Year 6 should be able to work independently – they are more apt at using digital technology than most of us are and they should not have any problems finding their way around these tasks. The work assigned should keep the children busy for about 3 hours every day, staggered over the whole day.

Note – If you know someone who does not have access to internet, give them a telephone call and let them know what they can do. Help out in any way you can.

Nota – Jekk tafu b’xi ħadd li m’għandux aċċess għall-internet, ċemplulhom u għidulhom x’jistgħu jagħmlu minn dan ix-xogħol. Ejjew ngħinu lil xulxin kemm nistgħu.

St Margaret College