Easter Holidays

Here is a list of activities that all students can engage in over the Easter break.

Hawnhekk għandkom issibu lista ta’ attivitajiet li t-tfal kollha jistgħu jagħmlu dan il-perjodu tal-Għid.

Note – If you know someone who does not have access to internet, give them a telephone call and let them know what they can do. Help out in any way you can.

Nota – Jekk tafu b’xi ħadd li m’għandux aċċess għall-internet, ċemplulhom u għidulhom x’jistgħu jagħmlu minn dan ix-xogħol. Ejjew ngħinu lil xulxin kemm nistgħu.

Eżerċċizi tar-Randan għat-Tfal

Kieku qegħdin l-iskola, matul dan iż-żmien it-tfal kien ikollhom l-Eżerċċiżji tar-Randan. Hawnhekk għandkom issibu links għall-Eżerċċizi tassew b’differenza, għax online. Ħeġġu lit-tfal jaraw dawn il-filmati minn Father Joseph Giuliano u tkellmu magħhom dwar it-tifsira ta’ dan iż-żmien.

  1. Nagħti n-number ONE lil Ġesu.
  2. Aħna t-tfal t’Alla.
  3. Aħna kollha differenti imma kollha ndaqs.
  4. Tobdi = Tħobb
  5. Nixtieq insir nixbaħ lil Ġesu.

Catch up on any activities that you have missed from previous weeks!

Spend some time reading everyday. Read in Maltese or English. If you speak another language, then read in that language too. Do you need a reason to read? Here is one:

A number of Maltese artists or artists living in Malta are making colouring activity sheets available for children and adults alike. Take a look here. Choose the artist that most inspires you and get colouring. Here is one by James Vella Clark.

Upload your finished work here. Don’t forget to include your name and class.

If you do not have a printer, you can use an online editor like this one. Or you could download an app on a mobile phone.

Easter Traditions

Different countries have different traditions. Search the web to find out how people celebrate Easter around the world!

What are you doing for Easter? Did you make figolli or some other yummie treat? Did you make some Easter craft?

Take a picture and let us know here. Remember to write your name and class. Teachers and LSEs will participate too!

Check the padlet frequently to see what everyone is doing!

Kif qed tħossok illum?

Mhux faċli toqgħod id-dar. Xi wħud minna jistgħu joħorġu ġo bitħa jew forsi ġnien, iżda mhux kulħadd jista’ jagħmel hekk. Tajjeb li nifhmu kif qed inħossuna… Araw ftit dan il-filmat qasir.

Kif qed tħossok illum?

Reach out!

We are being asked to stay away from each other but that does not mean we cannot reach out. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Do something kind.
  • Call a friend or classmate.
  • Call a relative you have not seen for some time.
  • Write a nice greeting and stick it to a window so that anyone walking past your house can see it.

What else could you do?

Decorate an Egg!

It’s Easter so why not decorate an egg? A real egg! Learn how to empty an egg without cracking the shell here. Then decorate your egg. Here are some ideas.

As long as you don’t break the shell, the egg will last for a very long time. Write the date somewhere on the eggshell so that when you’re old (no, not like your teachers!!!!) you will remember this time, hopefully with a smile.

Take a picture of your egg and upload it here. Tell us how you made it and don’t forget to write your name and class.

Toilet Paper

Many people got scared that we would run out of toilet paper! Can you imagine that? Things could get a bit smelly perhaps! Or not?

Toilet paper has not been around forever. Read about it here.

Luckily toilet paper is here to stay! That leaves us with plenty of empty toilet paper rolls. Well here is a challenge for you.

What can you do with an empty toilet paper roll?

Upload a picture of your creation here. And as always, remember to include your name and class.

Check the padlet frequently to see what everyone is doing!

Pssst – Did you know that even teachers and LSEs use toilet paper? And just to prove it, some of them will show you what they have done with their toilet paper rolls!

Have fun and stay safe.

We will be back after Easter.

St Margaret College