2018 – 2019

Welcome to the new scholastic year!

As I write this, the school is buzzing, with children happily engaged in all sorts of activities, from lessons to the games being held in our yard to celebrate the European Schools Sports Day.

A new year brings with it new challenges and even more opportunities. Apart from the usual refurbishing that went on over the summer months, all our classrooms are now equipped with Interactive Flat Panels. The refurbishment of the library is almost complete, and we are also in the process of refurbishing the school gym.

While the school’s physical environment is extremely important, even more so is the educational experience that we offer to our students. Our school is being recognised for its drive and commitment to embrace challenges and is often host to educators from all over the world. Last year we welcomed teachers from Portugal and this year we are looking at hosting teachers from Serbia and Greece.

At Zabbar B, we firmly believe that engaging in personal and professional development is very much part of who we are as educators. It provides time out from the hustle and bustle of the daily routines and an opportunity to reconnect – with colleagues and with our core values as we engage in professional dialogue and discussion to reaffirm our identities as educators. Teachers from our school are undergoing professional development abroad, as part of an ongoing Erasmus+ project with a focus on non-formal aspects of the educational experience. During summer, a number of our teachers followed various professional development courses, with more teachers expected to do so in summer 2019.

This year, we will also embark on at least 2 Erasmus+ projects.

The first of these projects is entitled “Freedom to Learn” and it follows Carl Roger’s philosophy. Our teachers are going to undergo training in order to be able to support children’s “free” learning – providing opportunities for children to engage in their own learning, on topics that they choose. For this project we will be working with a school in Italy and Poland.

A second project is called “Dare to be Different” and we will be networking with schools in Serbia, Greece and Turkey. Teachers will undergo specialised training in drama techniques which they will then use with children in the classrooms.

These projects will continue to enrich the teaching and learning experience at Zabbar B while providing opportunities to network with other European schools to broaden perspectives and world views.

But this is not all. Just watch this space for regular updates as we go along!

Il-Park tal-Inwadar

Nhar l-Erbgħa 6 ta’ Ġunju grupp ta’ 18-il student tas-sitt sena ġew mistiedna biex iżuru l-Park tal-Inwadar. Dan il-Park jinsab bjen il-ponta taż-Żonqor Wied il-Għajn u x-Xgħajra. L-istudenti marru dawra fuq il-baħar b’lanċa tat-turisti minn fejn setgħu jaraw b’mod differenti mis-soltu, l-attrazzjonijiet li fih dan il-Park fosthom it-Torri ta’ De Redin, il-fortizza ta’ San Leonardu, is-Swali, il-Ġolf l-Abjad, il-Ġolf tat-triq il-Wiesgħa, il-‘Gunposts’ tat-Tieni Gwerra Dinjija, l-għelieqi u l-ħitan tas-sejjieħ.

L-istudenti urew interess kbir matul id-dawra bil-lanċa. Wara, l-istudenti ħadu ritratt mal-Ministru Dr Jose Herrera, responsabbli mill-Ambjent.

Din l-opprtunita’ sabiħa kienet inizjattiva tal-Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar.

Healthfest 2018

As part of the yearly school calendar, the PSCD, Art, Music and PE teachers at Zabbar Primary B organised a week-long Healthfest in May with the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils.

As a run up to the event, the PSCD sessions focused on the benefits of physical exercise, nutritious diet, good sleeping patterns, clean air, personal hygiene and responsible use of medicine. We stressed the importance of eating well, especially the consumption of fruit and vegetables. These lessons were followed by discussions on drug and alcohol abuse, the negative effects of smoking and gambling.

The children were also asked to come up with different charts which were displayed around the school premises as an exhibition to coincide with the Healthfest. Each year group was given a topic focusing on healthy lifestyles, such as healthy eating, the benefits of physical exercise and the positivity of living away from illegal and dangerous substances.

These PSCD lessons and activities led to the Healthfest week. The pupils participated in PE, Music and Art sessions in the school yard. As part of the PE session, the pupils took part in fun games and activities including water games, football and races using the equipment available at school.

Special thanks to all the peripatetic teachers at school!

XjenzaManija Summer School

XjenzaManija Summer School


Age group: minimum 8 years to 12 years 11 months by the 2nd of July 2018. Applications for children who are older or younger will not be accepted.

Period: 6 weeks from the 2nd of July to the 10th of August

Interested applicants are to apply as follows:

Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th May – Accepting ONLY applicants from Cottonera namely Senglea, Cospicua and Vittoriosa. Maximum places 40 on a first come first served basis.

Thursday 31st May & Friday 1st June – Accepting applicants from all other remaining localities to fill in vacant places. Maximum places 20 on a first come first served basis.

Parent/guardian to bring their own ID CARD & BIRTH CERTIFICATE of children who will be attending. No applications will be accepted without these documents.

Payment:  Participants from Cottonera – €100 (subsidised)

Participants from other localities – €200

XjenzaManija Application Form


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