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Sponsored Walk 2013 – Thank you!

On Monday 25 April, the entire school enjoyed a day out! In spite of the weather warnings, it turned out to be a glorious day for our Sponsored Walk, with the different year groups walking along a different route, enjoying the local heritage and countryside.

Fun Walk 3Year 3 pupils walked all the way to Verdala, our College’s Boys Secondary School. Year 4 pupils walked all the way to Xgħajra. Year 5 pupils went to Kalkara through an old passage way in the countryside, then to Xgħajra before heading back to school. The Year 6s walked to Birgu, then across to Kalkara and eventually back to Żabbar.

Fun Walk 5


This activity had various purposes – at school we constantly try to promote a healthy lifestyle and a walk in this beautiful spring weather sure goes a long way towards promoting a positive attitude to physical exercise. We also wanted our pupils to experience the rich historical and cultural heritage with which we are surrounded and which we often take for granted. The activity also served to raise funds for the various projects under way at school at the moment. We are refurbishing the school hall and the school library as wellas setting up a multi purpose room. Thanks to our pupils’ efforts we have managed to raise a nice sum of money. This is extremely encouraging and will help us continue raising the standards in our school.

Thanks go to all members of staff who helped to make this event possible and all those who donated money to support the school.

Dried Flowers

Over the past months we have been busy trying to refurbish the school’s library. We are nearly there, with all the books ready to go to the School’s Library Services for cataloguing.

Dried Plants 3

However, this is not about the books but rather about a strange looking piece of furniture with a Latin inscription that we found in the library. The inscription was easy enough to decipher “Flora Melitensis” – Maltese Flowers. What was even more interesting was what was inside. The various “trays” open to reveal a collection of dried Maltese plants.

A chance encounter and conversation made this discovery even more significant. Mr Arnold Sciberras happened to be at school installing some pigeon spikes. Mr Sciberras graduated in agribusiness and he dedicates his free time to the the study and conservation of local wildlife. He is an entomologist (someone who studies insects) and the only local herpetologist (someone who studies amphibians) on the island.  We started chatting about this and that, and I happened to mention this collection of dried flowers. Mr Sciberras immediately took an interest to it. He promised he would come to school and help us restore this piece of history.

Dried Plants 1

Sure enough, he did. After some quick research, we can safely date the collection to the early 1950s. The cabinet was probably made at school, and within the collection, there are a number of photos showing the cabinet in the making. Unfortunately, we have not managed to find out who actually made the cabinet or was responsible for collecting the plants, but we are hoping that someone might know something more about it.

Dried Plants 2

The collection boasts over 150 species of plants, a few of which are either endemic or extinct from the Maltese islands. So far, about 70 plants have been identified.

At the moment, Mr Sciberras and his brother are restoring the collection. The trays are being dry freezed to eliminate any pests. When possible, plants that have gone missing will be replaced and eventually, we are hoping that this cabinet will have pride of place in our newly refurbished school library.

Charlot Cassar
Head of School