A School Website for Zabbar B

Welcome to our school’s website!

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope that this website will help bring our school and the community closer together. We will be posting regular updates about school events and activities and you will be able to share these posts with family and friends through social networks like Facebook or through email.

The working language of our website will be English, particularly in view of possible projects with other schools in other countries. However, we do not exclude posts in Maltese.

We encourage you to use the link on the right to subscribe to the website. By doing so, you will receive an email notification every time new content is added to the website.

We also encourage you to check the school calendar regularly. You can do so either by hovering over a specific date on the calendar to the right or by going to the “Calendar of Events” page for a complete list of events and activities for the current scholastic year. The calendar is updated regularly and it is very important to check this for the latest information about events and activities.

Watch this space for more, soon!

St Margaret College