Malta Writing Programme Workshop

Ms Cynthia Spiteri, one of our Year 6 teachers, recently delivered a writing lesson to pupils in her class as part of a writing workshop organised by the Malta Writing Programme (MWP). Ms Spiteri had previously participated in workshops organised by the MWP and this lesson served as an example of good practice for the teachers participating in the workshop which was being held at school.

During the lesson pupils watched a short video clip about different kinds of birds. Ms Spiteri guided her pupils to write as if they were one of these birds.   The pupils were given a handout with different writing prompts and different plans for each prompt.   The writing prompts to choose from ranged from drawing and writing a few sentences about a strange bird to a letter to bird hunters.  Ms Spiteri briefly explained how the pupils could tackle each essay title.  Students were encouraged to work in pairs. They chose a prompt, planned their writing and then wrote an essay together. The pupils then shared their creative writings with the other groups in class.

Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange Project

Year 5 pupils at Zabbar Primary B are participating in the European Christmas Tree Decoration Exchange Project. Children from schools all across Europe will be making Christmas Tree decorations which they will share with participating schools.

The aim of this project is to educate young people in primary schools about other countries in the EU through a creative and fun activity. By making Christmas Tree decorations and putting together information about the celebration of Christmas in their own region, pupils will discover more about their own culture and traditions. When they receive decorations and other materials from all across Europe, they will learn about Christmas in other countries and about many other aspects of each country such as language, geography, history and culture, as well as an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of Europe. The exchange also aims to encourage schools to work with other schools across the EU in the future and to maintain contact with their exchange partners.

Apart from the Christmas Tree decorations, pupils are also creating an information blog about the project. You can read all about it here:

Here are some photos of what the children have been up to so far!

A Healthy Choice for a Healthy Life Style

As part of the science topic Healthy Eating, children in one of our Year 4 class prepared a healthy fruit dessert. They brought their three favourite fruits, which they washed, peeled and chopped in chunks, in order to make some delicious fruit kebabs. This is a way in which children (and adults) can satisfy their sweet tooth in a healthy way. The children enjoyed preparing the kebabs and were very eager to share them with their family and friends.

San Martin

11 November is St Martin’s Feast and last Friday we celebrated this at school. All children got a Ħbejża ta’ San Martin and a few lucky ones got the traditional Borża ta’ San Martin, a small bag full of goodies!

The are many stories and traditions associated with St Martin. It is said for example, that one day, St Martin came across a pauper who was feeling very cold. Feeling sorry for him, St Martin cut his cloak in half and shared it with the poor man. As a reward for this kind gesture, God provided nice weather until St Martin arrived to his destination. The spell of nice weather we usually get at the beginning of November is thus known as is-Sajf ta’ San Martin or St Martin’s summer.

There are many other traditions associated with the St Martin. The feast is also celebrated in many other countries. You can read more about it here:’s_Day

Futsal – Year 5

Year 5 students participated in a Futsal tournament organised by the Sport Promotion Unit at the Cottonera Sports Complex. The children were divided into 17 teams and games were played simultaneously on 3 pitches, ensuring that every child participated. Each game lasted for 9 minutes. Throughout, there was an emphasis on teamwork and active participation. The children had fun and the atmosphere at the Sports Complex was just great. The last game proved to be the most exciting one of all with teachers playing against children!

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