Celebrating Diversity

As part of the school’s commitment to celebrate diversity, the PSCD, Art, Music and PE teachers at school organised a week-long event promoting tolerance and respect within a diverse culture.

During their Art sessions, the pupils explored cultural diversity through different art forms. They were shown works of art from around the globe going from Egypt to China and Japan, back to North America and Hawaii. They discussed how people’s different lifestyles and beliefs are recorded and shown in their artwork. Following these observations, the pupils explored particular cultures and produced their own creative works. These included Chinese lanterns and Ming vases, Japanese koi fish kites, Hawaiian Tiki masks, North American totem poles and Egyptian mummy cases. Another art session focused on the uniqueness of individuals by creating pop art hand prints and colourful portraits.  At the end of the celebration week, the students could enjoy their own artwork set up around the school premises.

Despite their inherent differences, pupils used plastic cups to create one pleasant tune following rhythmical patterns during their music session.

As part of the PE sessions, the pupils participated in games originating from different countries, including the English Quoits, the Limbo from Trinidad and our local Maltese Passju.

As a concluding exercise, each year group gathered in the school hall for a PSCD presentation summarising what happened during the previous days. The children learnt what diversity is all about and danced together to a dance-along song about the positivity of being different.

A special thank you goes to the peripatetic team at school for this fantastic experience – Ms Sherryanne Gauci (Art), Ms Sherlene Caruana Dolce (Music), Mr Kyle Cesare (PE), Ms Charmaine Cassar and  Ms Leonora Azzopardi (PSCD).