F2L2 in Italy

Overshadowed by the pandemic and the catastrophic war in Ukraine, the second face-to-face meeting of our E+ project Freedom to Learn 2 took place in Ascoli Piceno between 7 and 11 March 2022.

Freedom to Learn 2 focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda, and the development of digital competences supported by a methodology that places the students at the heart of the learning experience.

The project partners, including teachers from Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland and Serbia, discussed the progress of the project so far, delved deeper into the concepts and identified the next steps. The mobility included the exchange of ideas and practices, bringing together teachers from 5 different countries. We also had the opportunity to experience the Italian educational context first hand, with some planned visits to various classrooms. It was also an opportunity to reflect on the current state of affairs, which contrasted with the mutual respect and friendships that characterised this mobility.

Over the next weeks, the partner schools will be developing projects on 5 different SDGs. Our school will be focusing on SDG 13 – Climate Change. Students involved will have an opportunity to investigate climate change and develop projects according to their interest. They will also be challenged to reflect on the learning process. Then, our students will present their work to students in our school and digitally to our partner schools in the different countries.

Below are a few pictures from another unforgettable experience!