Friday Themed Days

Over the past months, Fridays at school have become synonymous with fun. The idea originally came about as a response to the limitations imposed by the pandemic. However, we quickly realised that there was more to it and the feedback we have received over the months, prompted us to make this a regular feature on our school calendar.

So, what’s the big deal about themed days at school? In some instances, there isn’t much to it – sometimes it is just a matter of having some fun. Other times, the themes require students and parents to be creative. We wouldn’t like parents to spend money on these themed days. We would rather parents use the opportunity to spend quality time with their children, having some fun together!

To make it easier to plan, we have posted all the planned themed days on the school’s calendar of events. We understand that sometimes, parents may not have the time or the children may not really be enthused by the theme. In such cases, children can wear casual clothes to school, or failing that, the usual uniform. However, we encourage all children (and parents) to participate in our themed days and have fun together.

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash